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Jane Parker

For 10 years I suffered with pain in my right leg.  Not being one for going to the doctor only to be prescribed tablets, I tried a number of alternative therapies with limited success. Last May I had a series of sessions with Jane since when I have been virtually pain free. I feel the pain was triggered by tension as my shoulders were regularly hunched up.  My body is now much more relaxed but I will go to see Jane if ever I feel the tension reappearing. I’ll also go periodically just for the pleasure of experiencing total relaxation.
Susan - Kendal

"My experience with Jane was like nothing I have tried before.  It was relaxing, comforting, assertive and made me feel I could deal with anything.I am now able to use the tools Jane gave me to deal with situations in my life that I would usually of struggled with for weeks. I feel relaxed and happy and very positive about myself and my life now. This lady has a very special and unique way of looking at things and dealing with them there and then. Amazing!"

"I highly recommend Jane for Access Bars. She is a genuine and caring person, my sessions with Jane make me feel relaxed and at ease. I now have more confidence and feel a lot happier with my life.
A.Brown - Kendal

"I just want to write to send a huge massive thanks for my session a couple of weeks ago. Prior to my visit I was experiencing difficulties sleeping over a long period of time, my mind was full of mind chatter and I found it increasingly difficult to find focus. I had suffered a family loss and was overcoming huge life changes, a lot for one little mind to take.
The session allowed me to relax to a state I’ve never experienced before, I felt completely tranquil and believe that I found answers I’ve been searching for without any more additional thinking. The session brought feelings of joy and happiness and enabled me to close doors to areas of my life that I had found very sad and difficult to deal with without guilt or remorse. Following the session I can honestly report huge improvements in my sleeping pattern, I sleep regularly and do not need to take herbal supplements to enable me to sleep. Furthermore the mind chatter is gone, I feel invigorated and full of positive energy and the only regret I have is that I didn't do this sooner.
I have recommended the therapy to my family and friends and hope that they book soon to help move forward with the difficulties they face.
Jane, you made me feel like I can move onwards with my life and for that I thank you.
I wish you all the success in your business and I will certainly be back for another session if and when my life feels difficult again."
Thanks a million.
Claire x
"When I went for my first session of bars I was going through a very difficult time. I am a naturally very anxious person and did not know what to expect from the session. I suffer from periodic stress and depression and had read about the bars treatment. Having tried various solutions, normally prescribed by a GP and experiencing varying results, often with unwelcome side affects I decided to try the Access Bars treatment.
One of the effects both during and after both sessions was one of a great weight being lifted from both my mind and body. It is hard to explain, but it felt as if it was physically being taken from me, allowing me to focus my energy and thought without them controlling me.

So although the problems were still there, I was able to keep any stress and anxiety under control and stay in control. I was genuinely amazed by the very real and immediate effect the sessions had and would highly recommend it to anyone."

“I have a Aspergers Syndrome, a high functioning form of Autism. I heard about Access Bars from my friend. He, like me, has Aspergers Syndrome and suffers from stress and depression. Prior going to Gentle Touch he would be down and seem to have no energy. He had some 'Bars' sessions, I noticed he had changed, becoming calmer and coping more with life.
I was going through a rough patch a few weeks ago after being made redundant. I believe I was on the borders of depression and would focus on paranoia's, making mountains out of molehills. After my first session I felt much better and I have had a weekly appointment since. Jane has been very friendly, reassuring and I look forward to my sessions.

I now have a renewed attitude to job seeking. I am no longer thinking 'I am not good enough' I am thinking 'let's have a go.' I have also relaxed, the therapy has definitely helped me as life's problems are not blown out of proportion, and I am not making mountains out of molehills. I recommend Jane Ross wholeheartedly.”

"I had never heard of Access Bars until I came across Jane's article in The Kendal Courier. I was in a very stressful job and was looking for a therapy that would help to take away some of the constant 'mind chatter.' I found my session with Jane to be totally peaceful and relaxing, it had an immediate calming effect. After a few days I found that I was much more decisive and able to give myself permission to relax and know that it was ok to have a better work-life balance."

James Ellwood

I had a climbing injury that affected my left shoulder and neck. I suffered for at least three years with pain up my neck, down my arm, and consequent headaches. Furthermore, I had dead arm syndrome and tingling sensations in my fingers because of that. 

What happened was that the tendon of the injured muscle was busy producing callus and even though I received regular sports massages (which broke down some of the callus and relieved the pain for a week or two), the callus returned and caused me the same symptoms again. I also went to numerous physio therapy sessions with no success.

James spend a full session focusing on my shoulder and neck region with a range of myofascia release approaches and truly the pain went including the callus and never came back again. I give James full credit for healing my shoulder. I highly recommend James and in fact, I do all the time. He is an expert in his field. He is one of a kind, he will tune in to what is truly going on, he will explain and educate you, and will advise with his wealth of experience and knowledge. 

Thank you James!

Ulrike Daukandt - Complementary Therapist

"Just a quick note to thank you for the series of treatments that you have given me recently
Your work has completely resolved a difficult problem concerning the restricted movement of my neck and shoulder. All pain has been resolved, full range of movement restored and the numbness and tingling in my fingers has been eliminated.
All this when more traditional remediation has failed
My problem was difficult to diagnose as no indications were apparent from X Ray or MRI scan
Your patient and obviously accurate work is much appreciated"

Allan Brindley BTAA M.Ed BA
Complementary Therapist

"I wanted to write and thank you James for all the help you have given me during my Mum's last illness and since she died.  The headaches and shoulder pain I suffered were quite incapacitating but the treatments you gave have greatly alleviated these problems.  In the past, I have tried traditional massage where you are 'pummelled and pushed' but these never got to the root of the problem.  What has been really enlightening is how you approached the problem, allowing my body and muscles to heal themselves naturally by 'unwinding' and allowing them to find their correct position.  And this has also worked very well with Steve's chronic back problems.  Again, he has received treatment from osteopaths and chiropractors but none have given him the long-lasting pain relief that the myofascial approach has.  We are both very grateful to you."
Jean and Steve
"You perform miracles! Had about seven hours of unbroken sleep!"


Ulrike Daukandt

Massage Therapy:

“After visiting Ulrike suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain from injuries and general neglect, I was put on the right path to good physical health. Strong fingers, an in depth knowledge and a great attitude only just scratch the surface when trying to describe her talents. Every visit is an enlightenment and an education.” 
Andy C, Telecom Engineer - Kendal

"Ulrike's massage radically turned around my long-term shoulder injury and a tough set of emotional issues in just a few weeks. Her practical skills are backed up by her pouring goodness into you. Trust her!"
Simon F., Computer and Business Development - Milnthorpe

“I cannot recommend Ulrike Daukandt’s Holistic Therapies Clinic highly enough. If (like I use to be) you are experiencing persisting back pains or suffering from stress or anxiety, call in and make an appointment. You will find Ulrike to be kind, very attentive, sympathetic and understanding. I only say what I know, that her ability to bring healing through massage is amazing. She almost seems to ‘listen’ to the needs of your body and several sessions brought me to a renewed level of well-being, without the pain that I had”.
C.S.,66 year old man-Cumbria

I have osteo-arthritis in both my shoulders. I was having difficulty getting dressed and fastening my seat belt etc. I was recommended by my doctor to have a neck and shoulder massage as he thought it would compliment the treatment that I was receiving on the NHS i.e. Physiotherapy & strong pain killers.

I was lucky that I found Ulrike! Ulrike taught me how to relax my shoulder muscles and after only one session the pain subsided greatly. After a further two sessions the stiffness has disappeared almost completely.
I have now been discharged from the physio and no longer take any medication.

I hope that on day massage treatments will be as normal as receiving physio, as I am certain that this is the way forward and in the long run will be cost effective both to the NHS and the workplace.

My advice would be to consult your doctor and then to give the Holistic Health Clinic a try. It certainly worked for me!
Stella K., Retired - Oxenholme/Kendal

 "I have been a climber for twenty years and have had a number of injuries and treatments along the way. My most recent injuries have been treated by Ulrike. My recovery on these occasions has been fast and permanent. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, Ulrike has a very good knowledge of anatomy and physiology, which is backed up with an acute sensitivity for detecting imbalances and injuries in the muscles. Secondly, Ulrike teaches as she treats. I have learnt several key things from Ulrike that have hastened my recovery, and which in my opinion have helped me to avoid further injury. They are; an increased awareness of, and connection with my body; a deepened understanding of how my thought processes, attitudes, and beliefs affect my physical being; and crucially, how to apply these things during treatment, and then at all times subsequently to achieve the best well-being possible. I give my strongest recommendation for Ulrike’s care. Many thanks." 
Martin I., Mountaineering Instructor - Kendal  

"I came to see Ulrike as I had pulled my tricep while throwing a ball for my dog. Also from waking up with a stiff neck that was still affecting me a week later.

From the opening investigation into my problem Ulrike’s professionalism stood out. She starts the session with a thorough questioned investigation to how the problem affected me and what and where it hurt. During the session she identified the problem area and worked at ironing out the twisted fibres. I particularly rated Ulrike’s technique to understand where and when the pain came and how she then released this pain.

Ulrike is the third therapist I have seen and by far the best. She is like an artist at work. I find her voice so calming and relaxing and her methods superior to those I have had before. I have since recommended her to two friends who were equally impressed. 

Thanks Ulrike for all your help."
Christian Hoyle, Teacher - Kendal College

"I could tell you how warm, relaxing, and invigorating Ulrike's massages are.
I could tell you how friendly, inviting, and supportive Ulrike is.
I could tell you how genuinely effective Ulrike's treatments are....., but I won't!

The last thing I need is you lot booking up all Ulrike's time, so I can't get an appointment".
Robert Curry, Adventure Activities Instructor and Trainer - Kendal

I booked a massage session with Ulrike as a one-off, birthday treat, but I felt so much benefit that I have become a regular client. I cannot speak highly enough of Ulrike’s caring, professional attitude. She creates a calming atmosphere which starts to do its good work before the treatment even begins, making me feel that in the midst of a busy world, she has time to explore and deliver what is really needed – I never feel that I am ‘just another client’.
I have had both remedial treatments and ‘No Hands’ massage. The former did wonders for my back problems and the latter leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed, taller, slimmer (yes, really!) – and although I may look the same in the mirror, inside I feel different – and much better than when I went in.
Diane Janes, Author - Bowness  

Massage and Dr Bach Flower Remedies Therapy:

I visited Ulrike when I was at rock bottom. I had some serious issues at work to deal with and had been caring for a sick relative for many years who had recently died. 

I had lost all confidence in my ability to cope. I was very emotional, had very low self esteem, was suffering from stress and anxiety, exhausted and depressed. Ulrike suggested Dr Bach's flower remedies and I was happy to try anything. 

Within days of taking the remedies I began to feel much more positive. Obviously my work issues and commitments had not changed but my ability to cope did improve. I was able to think clearer and felt stronger in myself. 

I continued to take the remedies and I felt so much happier that I decided to buy a whole kit for myself.  I felt that my family could benefit from them too. I mixed some for my teenage daughter who had poor self image and was troubled by negative recurring thoughts. She became much more confident and settled. A family member, who was grieving was also lifted and strengthened by the remedies. I am also supplying the remedies to a family member who is going through IVF.

I would not be without these flower remedies, they have enabled me to become myself again. Of course life still is a roller-coaster but I now feel more positive, balanced and able to cope, with my emotions being more grounded. I would recommend them to everyone. 
R. J. NHS Nurse - Cumbria

I found Ulrike completely by chance after seeing her name in a booklet for Dallam Summer School classes a couple of years ago.

For more years than I care to remember I've suffered on and off from anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and other related problems. I've tried various types of treatments from other therapists but although I got some relief, nothing was successful.

From my first appointment to the present day I have found Ulrike to be professional, extremely knowledgeable , skilful, calming and always caring. She always makes me feel as if I am her most important client and nothing is too trivial or too much trouble. She gives me time, care and empathy. Most of all I consider her to be a friend.

At my first appointment, after talking at length about my problems, Ulrike introduced me to the Bach Flower Remedies, using a combination of drops and I have continued to use these, with maybe a slight change of drops each time I go to see her, depending on how I've been in the previous weeks. These wonderful essences have gradually made a huge difference to my life. I am happier, feel more able to cope and can now concentrate on the positive as opposed to the negatives. I feel I can move forward rather than dwell on past problems.

Thank you so much Ulrike for all your care and help .... I cannot recommend you highly enough!
Joyce E.  Retired teacher - Lancashire

I came to see Ulrike in January last year as I have been suffering with a stiff neck for the past 3 years, have had physio a number of times, but it just keeps coming back. I am also under alot of stress at the moment and suffering with insomnia. I decided i needed to try something different. I booked in for a massage. 

At my first consultation, when Ulrike was taking down my details and establishing exactly how I felt, Ulrike asked if i had ever tried the Bach flower remedies.  I had heard of them,but never tried them, and thought I'd give it a go.  After discussing how i felt, what symptoms I had and how I felt in certain situations, Ulrike suggested which remedies might help me. This was then followed by a wonderful relaxing massage, which reduced the stiffness in my neck immediately.

I began taking the drops daily.  I had no opinion one way or the other about the flower remedies - I didn't take them thinking they would change my life, I just took them interested to find out if they would make a difference.  And wow, what a difference they have made!  I had two weeks of drops, and then another appointment with Ulrike to discuss how i felt.  After these two weeks, I felt stronger, and more able to cope, and generally much happier than I had on my previous visit. Ulrike made a couple of changes to my remedy, made some more up for me to take away, and then gave me a wonderful back and foot massage - heaven!

I was back the following month feeling so much better.  It's hard to describe how different I feel.  I am sleeping much better, feel more relaxed, and feel generally stronger to cope with life's ups and downs.  I would not have believed it had it not happened to me.  That simply taking these remedies could turn me around.  Try it - you'll be amazed! 

And Ulrike - what can i say? She is a wonderful, calming, caring person.  The time you spend with her never feels hurried, she listens, she encourages, she calms you down, she makes you laugh.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  In a world where everything is rushed, and no-one seems to care, thank goodness there's Ulrike.  You are an angel. 

Thank you
Liz T., NHS - Kendal 

I came to see Ulrike because I had been looking for someone who specialised in scar diminishing massage after surgery.  I had had surgery to remove cancer and I had picked up an infection which had left me with a big scar, and a friend had suggested I find someone who could reduce the appearance of it.  In my mind I had been left with an ugly scar, I was unhappy and feeling had lost my 'spark'.

After talking in length with Ulrike about how I was feeling and life in general she suggested I try the Bach Flower Remedies, I was sceptical to say the least but said I would give it a go.  To my surprise I started to notice small changes in how I felt about myself.  I actually began to feel happy!!  Five months in and the difference in me is remarkable, and very noticeable.  I am a lot calmer and positive, looking forward to the future and not dwelling on the past.

As for that scar, Ulrike has never touched it, but I no longer focus my anger towards this, and see it more as a symbol of my survival from cancer. Ulrike has helped me change my perspective from a very negative one to a very positive one.

Ulrike is a genuine, caring, knowledgeable person, and her massages are fabulous.
M.G., Manager - Kendal

 "My job and lifestyle can be extremely stressful and I have been receiving treatments from Ulrike for the past three years. During this time she has not only helped my body back into alignment and total strength but she has also calmed, nurtured, and healed my inner well-being. This is due to the many skills and physical and cognitive therapies she is trained in, but it is also very much down to who she is as a person. I have not ever experienced the level of care and empathy she shows with her clients. It is individual, intuitive, and transformational. I could not recommend her highly enough, and in fact I do recommend her.. all the time. 
Emma Hart, Executive TV Coach - Kendal / London / New Zealand

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